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Production Line

Pursue perfect in design, seek flawless in manufacture.
SIVGE adheres to providing high quality products and globally sourcing suitable and reliable key components such as hydraulic parts and electrical parts to ensure the product quality.

Our professional workers and production lines, enabling us to meet your products requirements.


Our Factory has three separate workshops 

1. Metal processing workshop


2. Spraying workshop


3. Assembly workshop


Assembly workshop divided into several work teams as below:


1) Chassis assembly 


2) Mast assembly


3) Hydraulic assembly


4) Platform assembly


5) Electrical assembly 


6) Assembly debugging


After assembly debugging, machine will be push / drive to product test well which is belong to our QC dept.


Only after all tests are sucessful and machines is in order, they will be packed according to the packing list that sales dept. provided with.


SIVGE regards product safety as basic point of connecting to users.

1) SIVGE firmly adheres to domestic and international standards in the process of designing, manufacturing and transporting; the strength of the parts and the stability of the whole machine must undergone strict calculation and experimental verification.

2) All products are tested by the national authoritative testing institutions.

3) The production process, inspection and parts purchasing are fully in accordance with quality assurance system.

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Assembly workshop Finished products stock Warehouse for parts Warehouse for parts

We can be your best suppliers for aerial work products. Also we are capable in providing OEM and ODM services.


Main products: single mast aerial work platform, double mast aerial lift, self-propelled aluminum work platform, scissor working platform, one man lift, hydraulic lift ladder, aerial order picker, trailer mounted lift, vertical mast lift, and electrial lift tables etc.


If our standard models can not fulfill your requirements, please back to us below infromaiton for design service.


Design Parameters Table


S/N Item Unit Data Completion Instructions
1 Max. platform height/lifting height m   Person standing on the platform feet from the ground height
2 Max. working height m   The height of the work point from the ground
3 Min. platform height m   If there is request please advise
4 Load capacity Kg   Number of persons and weight of tools
5 Main working purpose     please describe
6 Power source: Voltage/frequency V/Hz   According to user's local electricity supply
7 Whether there is obstruction within the range of lift or not



  If so, please list the location and size of the obstruction
8 Ground conditions: whether there are slopes, steps and other obstacles



  If so, please describe
9 Passages such as doors, elevator cabs, and so on



  If so, please describe length, width and height in details
10 Whether the color of equipment appearance special requirements




If yes, please describe;

If not, according to our factory color

11 Machine moving method Manual push around   Please inform working scope and frequency of the required work points, and then tick the appropriate method
Electric power walking  
Self-propelled when fully lift up  
Trailer type  
12 Others, please describe     Please using additional paper






Sivge is the drafter for a number of national standards,equipped with High-tech R&D center. National key scientific and technological support projects industrial base.


The only thing SIVGE technical team has done in the past 20 years is research on the aerial work platforms, especially mast platforms.Each SIVGE innovation is the effort of our employees. We obtain dozens of patents and utilize these patents in our products.

SIVGE is focus on portable mobile elevating work platforms, lifting mechanism synchronization, outriggers rationality, machine stability, operator comfort, and control of advanced, pleasant appearance, user reliability, complete varieties and specifications and other aspects to create a unique brand.


HANGZHOU SIVGE MACHINERY CO., LTD factory production line 0

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